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Dear Entertainment Coordinator,
As the person in charge of entertainment for your fair, festival or event, you need acts that will attract a crowd, hold their attention, and keep them having fun. We understand you are busy
with many other details besides trying to guess which acts have the quality for your event.


Top 6 Qualities of Best Entertainment Acts:


A friend of ours, South West Florida & Lee County Fair, General Manager, Alta Mosley, gave these six criteria that are important to her when scheduling entertainment. We want to share them with you.

1.) Establish good rapport with the crowd:
Our friendly and relaxed style lets us quickly engage audiences of different ages and interests. Norm Flagg, Canadian Promotions writes, "All of the people that attended were so pleased with your presentation that I have received many, many request for you to come back".

2.) Interactive show that engages the audience:
People like nothing better than seeing a friend or fellow fairgoer on stage participating in the show. It is this theme that drives our "Train Song" routine with an audience member being chosen to perform with "The Brass". Imagine the screams of laughter from the audience and family members, as the "performer" plays a song flute. All ends well, but it's just one of our several one-of-a-kind presentations people go home talking about.
Jonathan Byrd of Byrd Enterprises, Greenwood, IN. writes, "The crowds have always responded so well, not only to their musical talents, but to each of the performers individually."

3.) Clean Family Entertainment:
Fairs, Festivals and Schools tell us how happy they are to have a program that is clean, yet thoroughly entertaining to adults as well as children. Bob Quatman, N. Fort Myers High School, Fort Myers, FL. writes, The word from our students was "This was the Best assembly EVER!" The parents, teachers and staff all agree, you were extremely Entertaining as well as educational. You may never know how you have impacted the lives of our students."

4.) Ability to offer both Stage & Strolling Entertainment:
Hire us with confidence - our friendly and relaxed style receives top reviews for family programs. Your guests have the most fun when they feel PART of an entertainment experience. Our strolling performances give many people a chance to be "in the front row" or even "on stage" experiencing the music first hand.

No special sound, lighting or staging is needed because our strolling music is totally self-contained. Strolling music can happen wherever you like; making people happy to be in line, or just adding atmosphere to your event.

Dean Bruns, Logan County Fair writes; "Not only did they perform an amazing 2-hour show in the evening, they also performed a strolling act from a golf cart in the afternoon. We would proudly recommend Music City Brass to anyone interested in having a music group of high quality family entertainment."

5.) Affordability:
As a fully self-contained show, we can provide sound and lights including special effects. And with only three members, we can travel at a more cost effective level and still provide a completely Professional Program.   Music City Brass is also fully insured.

6.) Flexibility:
Unlike large bands or elaborate variety acts, we can set up and strike from the stage in as little as ten minutes. Quicker act changes mean your stage stays on schedule. When your stage stays on schedule, event patrons and other performers are happy. Happy patrons lead to great word of mouth advertising and repeat business.
Under the gun for filler material?     Need to cut the act short at the last minute?

No Sound Tech?     No Lighting?    No Emcee?     NO PROBLEM !!

 We can work around shortcomings like these, and our experience at running a "One-Man" operation proves invaluable in performing the best show possible in less than ideal conditions.  Hundreds of shows each year, from private parties to casinos, banquets to school assemblies, fairs to festivals, furnish us the experience to adapt to any situation and put on the BEST possible show for you.

St. Lucie County Fair Assn. General Mgr. Jeanne Keaton writes, " Music City Brass would be an asset to any Entertainment Package".

Allow us the opportunity to present your event patrons a completely professional program at affordable rates.

Call  706-346-6210 (Randy Croy) for more information